CLS has its own quality control team, made up of experts, whose sole responsibility is to make sure the final product adheres to the quality standard specified by the customer.
Our Quality Control Department works according to the strictest international quality and production standards.

The Quality Control Department is fully equipped with the latest, innovative equipment, including an automated XYZ Vision measurement machine, computerized microscopes, and height and force measurement tools.

In addition, CLSc can set up specialized testing processes and build dedicated equipment for conducting special tests, such as strength and sealing tests.

All quality control processes for each product are fully documented and archived; every product has full traceability, including samples from each stage of production.
Q.C Measurement Instruments
Dual Magnification Stereo Microscope Specifications Precise optical alignment assures a three-dimensional, upright, unreversed image that is unsurpassed for everything from dissecting work to examining circuit boards.
Economic-Video-Measuring-System-JVL-Series High-precision measuring machine is throughout the measuring range. It could be placed anywhere in the shop where instant 3D inspection are needed. It could replace the need for hand tools as height gages, calipers and plug gauge. This model is also included in the mass concept that incorporates the need for multifunctional measurement. It thus enables both contact and optical measurements.
Computer Universal Testing Machinet is use in research institutes, schools, cast steel/iron industries, industries hard-ware industries, wire and cable industries, rubber, plastic, sporting goods, spring and electronic industries, etc. It is a multi-purposeful tester, can test the tensile strength, compression, bending, shearing strength, tearing, etc.