Safeguarding quality while using innovation
to satisfy the needs of the customers
CLS`s strict quality management system focuses on regular risk evaluation and constant improvement through internal and external audits, management reviews and progress monitoring. This is has received long term support from local and foreign firms. Through the emphasis on details and innovation in the plastic industry, we are providing products of the highest quality to meet the needs of customers, attaining the goal of excellence.

Strict quality control is implemented through the latest testing instruments and professional QA personnel. In addition, all the quality management teams and activities within the company are integrated through the promotion of comprehensive quality management, implementing our operation principles and achieving our goals.
Work flow proceeds in the order of A- P -B - C - D
Supplier audit
  • Processing of substandard raw materials.
  • Reviewing of abnormalities in manufacture.
  • Submitting reports and suggestions.
  • Continual guidance and monitoring for failures in improvement plans.
Raw material inspection
  • Monitoring measures for quality of raw material.
  • Establishing audit procedures.
  • DOE Experimentation Plan.
  • Management measures for sub-contractors.
Functionality and reliability testing
  • Control of substandard raw materials.
  • Monitor audit situation.
  • Making judgment for experiments and statistical analysis.
  • Validating improvement performance.
Manufacture process audit
  • Raw material testing.
  • On-site quality audit.
  • Experimentation.
  • Provision of improvement report by sub-contractor and supplier evaluation.